Message exchange protocol

 The Bit Repository Protocol is based on an asynchronous exchange of XML messages between components. The protocol does not prescribe the method of exchanging messages, but simply assumes that messages are distributed to all relevant components for processing.

Every operation in the Bit Repository protocol (except Alarms) is based on the concept of a conversation. This is described in the following section Message Flow.

The operation messages are each an XML message. The overall format of XML messages is described in the section Message Format.

Some operations will result on producing data as a result. The mechanism for transferring result data is described in the section File Exchange Protocol.

These pages only describe the format and structure of protocol operations. The details on messages for each operation can be found in the section "Operations".

See also  Design Decisions - Coordination layer for description of how sequences of messages forms primitives and message communication in an operation.

Message flow

Describes the general messageflow in communication between the Bit Repository components.

Protocol messages

Description of the different protocol messages, which operation it applies to, and their types.

Message format

Description of the the XML basic message structure and format.